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01. Learn the biblical keys to kingdom money
02. Learn the principles that govern business the Bible way
03. Learn financial strategy
04. Learn how to develop wisdom for wealth
05. Learn how money works in the kingdom
06. Learn the secrets of Jesus concerning finance
07. Learn from a vast panel of experienced professionals on how to choose , grow , and sustain a business
08. Learn how to manage & multiply money
09. Learn what it means to be rich in the kingdom of God
10. Learn and receive an impartation for increased financial grace


3 days(6:00 pm to 9:30 pm IST)

(23rd to 25th September)

Physical Program Fee - LKR 44,550.00
Online Program Fee - USD 149

*The graduation certificate will be awarded to students who participate in three out of the five schools. The School of Personal development, The School of Ministry, The School of Business and Finance, The School of Healing and The Leadership 360.