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Success University is the realization of Prophet Jerome Fernando’s long-time God-given vision from three years ago to provide an opportunity for the Youth and Young Adults of the Sinhala and Tamil Ministry of The Glorious Church to undergo a period of mentorship and training to strengthen and empower them in the marketplace and live a life of financial freedom.

Exclusively for those between the age group of 15-45, the programme will be conducted in two groups; one for the youth between ages 15-22 and the other for the young adults between 23 and 45. Classes will be conducted by Prophet Jerome Fernando himself and an eminent panel of lecturers and trainers who are not just highly qualified and of excellence but are spiritual sons and daughters of Prophet Jerome Fernando. They have been personally mentored by the Prophet of God and carry the same heart and voice of Prophet Jerome, which also resonates in the course content of the programme.

The first batch for the Sinhala Ministry commenced on the 6th of March and the intake for the Tamil Ministry commenced in May.

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Topics Covered

  • Best in me
  • Grooming
  • Communication skills
  • Presentation skills
  • Networking
  • Branding and leadership
  • Marketplace
  • Business and startup
  • Personal capacity
  • Money Management
  • Interview and resume building
  • Gift and calling

Lecture Panel

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Prophet Jerome Fernando

Gifts and calling - දීමනා සහ කැඳවීම

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Niroshan J Peiris - Head of the Lecture Panel

Networking - අන්තර්-පුද්ගල ජාලකරණය

Branding and Leadership - සන්නාමකරණය සහ නායකත්වය

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Sandra Pereira

Grooming - ස්වස්ථාව සහ ස්වීයත්ව වර්ධනය

Communication skills - සන්නිවේදන කුසලතා වර්ධනය

Interview and resume building - සම්මුඛ පරීක්ෂණ සහ යෝග්‍යතා විස්තර පත් නිමැවුම

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Denver Pereira

Marketplace - වෙළද පොළ අධ්‍යනය

Business and startup - නව ව්‍යාපාර අරම්භ

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Jurian Ondaatje

Personnel Capacity - පුද්ගල ධාරිතා සංවර්ධනය

Money Management - මුදල් කලමණාකරණ

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Dinara Wagawatte

Best in me - විශිෂ්ඨතම මා

Presentation skills - ඉදිරිපත් කිරිමේ කුසලතා වර්ධනය

Branding and Leadership - නායකත්ව ගුණාංග වර්ධන

27 th FEB 2021 - ORIENTATION

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For more information,
contact the course coordinator Hansi Perera on +94 77 453 6648.