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COME is the platform where ministers of the Gospel can find mentorship and spiritual fathering, receive the knowledge that’s required for starting a ministry, growing a church and investing in his or her own spiritual development.

Regardless of social stratification, in this forum you come together with other ministers and leaders, both young and old from different regions of the world. It is designed to be a resting place where you will find solace.

You will have the opportunity to network with other great ministries and spiritual sons and daughters of Prophet Jerome and Pastor Melanie Fernando.

There will be a designated phone line provided for communicating with other participants and the added benefit of having the opportunity to receive direct mentorship every month from Prophet Jerome, through any one of our media platforms.

COME is the answer to the long ignored cry of ministers seeking help, spiritual fathering and mentorship to develop themselves and grow their ministry.

Congratulations in advance for coming to COME!


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Impartation for
those in ministry or
have a calling

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Once a month
One on One
Mentorship on Zoom

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Dedicated email address
contactable for any ministerial concerns

Program Fee - USD 249

(For 12 Months)