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Our Mission at ‘Time to Soar', is to make quality mentorship accessible to the nations, through a cohesive, systematic, educational processes. Church leaders worldwide, professionals in the marketplace, and individuals who are interested in ministry leadership, will be able to choose from a broad range of disciplines from our specialized schools. These include The School of Business and Finance, The School of Personal Development, The School of Ministry and The Circle of Ministerial Engagement. Furthermore, Schools of Prophecy, Healing, and Leadership are in the development stages and will be opening soon.

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Presiding over an ever exceedingly expanding trilingual ministry both within Sri Lanka and across continents, Prophet Jerome Fernando is the Senior Overseer of King’s Revival Church in Colombo, Sri Lanka, with a growing congregation of over thousands both locally and part of the Glorious Global Church.

He is a gifted minister of the five-fold ministry, a prolific preacher of God’s undiluted word, an erudite teacher of deep revelations and a prophet of God called to impact, inspire, and influence the nations, through the integrity of the word of God, confirmed by signs, wonders, miracles and prophetic exploits.

His ministry exulted to a greater dimension in the year 2019 when he and his precious wife, Pastor Melanie went under the spiritual covering of, the Godfather of the prophetic movement, Prophet Uebert Angel and his wife Prophetess Beverley Angel.


  • Presently reading for MBA – Finance
  • Theological studies at the Asian Access School of Theology affiliated with Gordon-Conwell Theological College in the USA
  • Chancellor of Osborne Institute of Theology, United Kingdom
  • Guest Lecturer at the London School of Theology, United Kingdom
  • Associate Minister at Andrew Wommack Ministries, USA
  • Associate Minister at Charis Bible College, USA
  • Graduate – Finitex School of Clothing and Apparel Manufacturing
  • Former Senior Executive at MAS Holdings, Sri Lanka
  • Former Merchandising Manager – Stewart’s Lanka
  • Former CEO Postmarks Clothing, UK


  • The Lost Revelation of a Spiritual Father
  • How Do I Get Out of Debt
  • The Five Assassins of Marriage
  • 6 Ways to Bounce Back from a Pandemic

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The Advance Mentorship Programme (AMP) was launched in the year 2020 for those who were interested to be spiritually mentored by Prophet Jerome and learn deeper truths of the word of God. Within hours of launch, all 100 seats for local participants and 100 seats for international participants were sold out. This programme was conducted covering 5 aspects of ministry: preaching, healing, prophetic, ministry and personal development.

The second intake in 2021 saw over 500 mentees complete AMP.

This year AMP is back with a brand new syllabus as well as new schools, offering mentees 8 schools in total: Leadership 360, The School of the Spirit, The School of Ministry, The School of Business & Finance, The School of Prophecy, The School of Wisdom, The School of Healing the sick and The School of Personal Development.


*Learn the structure of the spiritual realm
*Learn the processes of deliverance
*Learn how to cast out devils
*Learn how to increase your authority in the spirit realm
*Learn how to walk with the Spirit of the Lord


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Are you aware of the dynamics of personal development, its implications on your success, your progress, and your ability to grow your finances?

Personal development is as necessary in an era affected by a pandemic, even as it is under normal conditions.

When you discern the marketplace, you will see that people are busy with their work, meeting targets, fulfilling responsibilities at home and office and paying bills and in some cases striving to do so. This is called, ‘running a rat race’ and it seems to be never ending.

Without an investment in personal development even after 25 years in the work place ‘the rat’ will remain a ‘rat’, and running the same tiring race!

This discipline is designed to provide you access to knowing 10 of the most vital personal development tools, from Prophet Jerome.

You will have 16 to 20 hours of coaching and mentorship with Prophet Jerome, the freedom to ask questions and receive candid answers.

Development is a process and you can start that process in this classroom.

Welcome to the School of Personal Development. You have chosen wisely.


Personal Development classes for this year have been concluded. The registration for the next batch will commence on 2022.

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Do you have a burning desire to know your calling? Are you passionate and zealous about preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ? Are you longing for the day when God can use you to heal the sick and prophesy to people’s destinies? Do you desire to grow in revelation, operate in power and impact the world for Jesus? Are you a pastor of a church? Are you a leader in church ministry?

If you answer with a resounding ‘yes’ to most of these questions, then the School of Ministry is specially designed for you. It will provide you with insight and the best of what you need to succeed.

You will receive 28 to 30 hours of interactive classroom mentoring and coaching with Prophet Jerome. You will also have the opportunity to have your questions answered and doubts dissolved. You will also receive a strong impartation for personal growth and for impacting others.

If you choose to attend, your life will never be the same.


School of Ministry classes for this year have been concluded. The registration for the next batch will commence on 2022.

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COME is the platform where ministers of the Gospel can find mentorship and spiritual fathering, receive the knowledge that’s required for starting a ministry, growing a church and investing in his or her own spiritual development.

Regardless of social stratification, in this forum you come together with other ministers and leaders, both young and old from different regions of the world. It is designed to be a resting place where you will find solace.

You will have the opportunity to network with other great ministries and spiritual sons and daughters of Prophet Jerome and Pastor Melanie Fernando.

There will be a designated phone line provided for communicating with other participants and the added benefit of having the opportunity to receive direct mentorship every month from Prophet Jerome, through any one of our media platforms.

COME is the answer to the long ignored cry of ministers seeking help, spiritual fathering and mentorship to develop themselves and grow their ministry.

Congratulations in advance for coming to COME!


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The School of Business and Finance will provide you with 16 to 20 hours of in-depth study of related hidden mysteries and the revelation of secrets from ages past, to be revealed through the mouth of the Prophet.

In these last days it is vital that you increase in business influence and learn the biblical principles that govern financial increase. This module will refine you and define you in the market place. It will give you the confidence to be a great success so that you can influence and inspire those under your purview.

This discipline will also teach you the necessary skills for being better able to manage your personal finances and equipping you in best biblical business practices.

Congratulations for choosing business and finance!


School of Business and Finance classes for this year have been concluded. The registration for the next batch will commence on 2022.